Super Smash Bros: Brawl had Solid Snake in it, so i guess it only makes sense for Raiden to in Playstation All Stars , Sony’s attempt at recreating the success that Nintendo has had with its Super Smash Bros franchise.

The good news is that this is not the whiny Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 2, Rather it is the much more bad-ass cyborg version from MGS4, and the up coming Metal Gear Rising: Revengance. Hes primary attacks seem to involve his signature katana, along with some lightning based attacks. You can check him out mixing it up with the likes of Nathan Drake, Parappa The Rapper, and others in the trailer below!

With Raiden, there is now a total of 18 confirmed playable fighters, and if a list that was leaked earlier this year is to be believed, we will be seeing Sir Daniel Fortesque from the Medievil series, and Nariko from Heavenly Sword showing up in the near future.

Playstation All Stars is set to for release on November 20th in North America on both PS3 and PS Vita. A public beta is expected to hit in the near future, and well be sure to let you know when we know the exact date!

~The Ox