I’ve got a case of Indiana Jones fever that I just can’t seem to shake. As if I’d ever want to get rid of it! Last week we announced the bluray details for the upcoming Indiana Jones Saga. Coming off the awesome-ness of that info, we here at DFAT are pleased to announce that Raiders of the Lost Ark is getting the IMAX treatment this upcoming September 7th.

This date just a rumor now, but Fandango has already listed AMC Century 15 theaters to have the movie as an IMAX event according to THR.

In case you have been under a rock since 1981. Or maybe you recently found yourself possessing senses of sight and sound and need to have them blown away again. Here is a synopsis of one of the best adventure movies you will ever see.

The year is 1936. The setting: The Jungle. We meet a young Harrison Ford, who is fresh off his stint as a smuggler in the deepest parts of the galaxy. He’s trying out his dream job of being an archaeologist and is in search of The Ark of the Covenant. This search sends him on a whirlwind adventure facing off against Nazi’s, the occult, and a feisty ex-girlfriend who drinks like a frat boy. Honestly, just see the movie. You won’t be as disappointed as I am in you for never seeing an Indiana Jones movie.

Check the Trailer out now!