I recently had the oppurtunity  to watch Rampage: Capital Punishment from director Uwe Boll. The film is a departure from his earlier work that most focused on video game adaptations. The Rampage films are more politically minded and question our government and the way our society is run. The thing that makes these films work so well is how grounded in reality that they are; and how real they could actually become.

Brendan Fletcher‘s character, Bill Williamson, decides to build upon the groundwork that was laid in the first film and expands on the carnage. Coupled with his urge to fix our society and fueled by his rage, he takes to a local television station to get this message out to the masses. He takes hostages and goes on a tirade of social awareness and violence.

I got the chance to talk with Uwe Boll about this new film and his transition from video game movies to these more political films with Assault on Wall Street and the two Rampage Films. Check out the interview below.

rampage_uwe_boll_traile620rWhat made you want to do a sequel to the first Rampage film?

I felt the story of Bill Williamson is far from over. A lot of people loved part 1 so I thought lets show what Bill will do 2 years after the massacre.

Brendan Fletcher is back this time around, was it easy to get him to return?

He is a regular lead in the TV series ROGUE and makes some good money, so my offer for shitty pay was not really making him excited. He thought also a second part makes sense only if it really is a second part and I convinced him that it is a continuation of part 1, picking it up 2years later. He liked it and we worked on his dialogue.

What’s it like acting in your own films?

My part as the TV producer was not really in the script but on set I felt that CHIP (Lochlyn Monroe) needs a person he can play against. So I put a jacket on and we improvised. I hate acting.

I’m a pretty huge fan of Freddy vs Jason and it was great to see Brendan and Lochlyn Munro together on screen again, was this planned?

No but in Vancouver we all work a lot of times together with the same crew and cast as others.

I found the political messages in the film to be very profound, and often times, true. How do you think audience members will react to the things you mention about the Obama Administration and other things? Is it possible that Rampage 2 will gain the same notoriety as the main character Bill earns on his YouTube page?

Everything that Bills says in regards of statistics etc. are facts and I think and I hope that all the facts we present to the audience will have an impact and make people think. As an example, 25% of the world’s prisoners are in USA in jail – is that not crazy? That all the so called dictatorships like Russia, China etc. don’t even have a fraction of people in jail as USA. Why? Because people (owners of the prisons) make money when they are full so they bribe judges etc. to lock people up for years for bullshit crimes like possession of drugs.

This film clearly sets up a sequel, when can we expect to see Rampage 3? And what’s next after this?

I will finish it with Rampage 3. The end of Bill Williamson will come in the biggest manhunt since the Una Bomber.

Rampage: Capital Punishment is due out August 19th. You can preorder your copy right now by going to Amazon. To get you in the mood for it, check out the trailer below. We appreciate all of Uwe Boll‘s time and look forward to what see what he has planned next.