IF you’ve been paying attention to DFAT over the past few weeks, you may have noticed that we’ve been going Kickstarter crazy! In our newest column, Kickstarter Alert!!, we have been covering some of the coolest, Geekly Kickstarters on the interwebs, and the Ravager fan-film is at top of our list! 

Today brings us the latest update from filmmakers Chris and Larry White, in collaboration with Aggressive Comix and Geekgasmas they drop the very first teaser trailer for the project! There is only 3 WEEKS left to help fund this film so head on over their official Kickstarter page. There are some pretty amazing prizes to coincide with you monetary efforts, so check it out!!

[box_light]So to everyone who has helped support this project we want to say thank you! The numbers have sort of flat lined so we decided to put together a little teaser to help try to get some buzz going. Attached is a video we did with a cosplayer and not the final actress or suit. So take a look and help spread the word! This project can be possible with your help![/box_light]




Ravager shirt design