Just like characters in the comic book and movie “Kick-Ass,” you’ll find a few people who enjoy dressing up like super heroes. These people get extreme inspiration from their favorite comic book heroes and take the best features and incorporate them into their real-life looks. Real life action heroes are some of the most inspirational yet amusing people, and hearing their stories never gets old, no matter how many times they are told.

Motorcycle Crusaders

Let’s start with the 1970s and Evel Knievel. The man was more daredevil than superhero, but he wore a cape, pulled on a motorcycle helmet, and attempted larger-than-life feats on his motorcycle. His stunts and heroics make him one of the best real life super heroes ever because he inspired kids to take chances.

Taking the motorcycle crusader image even further is the real life super hero Menganno. The Argentinian is a full-fledged cape crusader who rides his motorcycle in a full-on Marvel-like costume. He is the type of comic book hero you would see in “Watchmen” or “Kick-Ass,” making him hilarious and cool at the same time. Menganno is a former police office who turned his attention to the street where he used his motorcycle skills in combination with an over-the-top uniform. While we can’t say he helped motorcycle helmets for sale, we know he’s entertained almost 100,000 people who’ve watched his YouTube interview.

The Extreme Justice League

A serious group that patrols the streets of its city is the Extreme Justice League. One of the prominent members of the group is Mr. Xtreme who wears a helmet, padded suit and cape. Each member has been affected by and turned into heroes by events in their lives. They refer to themselves as activists, which helps them get away with what they do without running into as many problems with the law as other groups encounter.

Dark Guardian

This self-proclaimed superhero told ABC News he plans to open a school in New York for superhero training. Classes will include martial arts, self-defense, anti-bullying and lessons on kindness and helping people in need. He’s part of a group called New York Initiative that is using crowdfunding site Indiegogo to raise funds for the school.

The Big Question

The big questions is whether these people are helping or causing more issues. Caped crusaders are a phenomenon of the 21st century and its media. Real life super heroes don’t have super powers, but they do have real stories that affect the world with their decisions.

Jan Logan

Jan is a lover of video games, comics and all things geeky.