I’m not really sure even how to describe how freaking amazing this is. I just happened to stumble upon this and it’s pretty much blowing my geekly mind right now. What we have below is test-footage of a REAL MOVING RORSCHACH MASK!!! What!? Apparantly ‘GraphixFan’ is some sorta wizard who sold his creative soul to Beezelbub to make this thing, because it at least LOOKS completely authentic and amazing and just plain mind-blowing. They retail for around $35 bucks (Super Cheap!) and you can buy them from his site here at RorschachMasks.com. So if you’re a Watchmen fan, or just a fan of awesome geek stuff in general, check out the footage and go to the site and pick one up today! I know what my Halloween costume is!

Here are the Features according to the website.

• The pattern is made using nontoxic, 100% safe fabric ink that reacts to your breath.

• I’ve styled the inkblot pattern to match the most commonly requested Rorschach patterns. I am currently not doing custom requests.

• Each is hand-dyed with splotchy, jagged-edge inkblots so slight differences may occur. Ink gradients are key for a good looking transition.

• The mask is a custom stretch-fabric hood seamed to fit most heads. For measurement’s sake, around the forehead is 22″ to 24″ inches. But using 4-way stretch fabric allows the mask to fit most people comfortably.

• It conforms to the contours of your face great, without revealing your features.

• I only use one seam – machine sewn – that starts high on the forehead and runs vertically down the back. The thread is very strong.

• Visibility is good and breathability is ideal.

• The masks are temperature sensitive and work best at temperatures near 75 degrees or lower. But, the effect will still be present at higher temps