Hauntingly beautiful music with a subtle Spanish flavor, Rebekah Delgado’s debut album, Don’t Sleep, makes you want to sit on your couch, close your eyes and just drink it in.

Her gritty and hypnotic voice transports you to another place where there are no thoughts, just music.  I was instantly reminded of Kat Bjelland from Babes in Toyland meets Patti Smith.  Though I’m reminded of various artists, Rebekah has a voice all her own and really cannot be compared to anyone. Every song on this cd flows right into the next and leaves you wanting more.


Rebekah Delgado is a solo musician from London, United Kingdom. After previously fronting two successful bands who enjoyed national press and radio success in the UK, Spain and Italy and toured the US, Rebekah embarked on a solo career in 2010 when her previous band, The Last Army (BBC6, BBC London record of the week) broke up. When playing live Rebekah is often accompanied by a variety of other musicians, including musical saw, violin, harmonium, cello and drums.

Rebekah’s solo material is a departure from her previous bands’foundations, being influenced more by her Spanish roots and Arabic leanings as well as artists such as Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Patti Smith, Serge Gainsbourg, Pulp, Jacques Brel, Kris Kristofferson, Carla Bruni, Johnny Cash and Sonic Youth. Rebekah’s musical maelstrom veers from the melancholic and contrite, to the uplifting and spirited, to risqué pop.

If you are a fan of interesting, non-traditional, wonderful music then this is a must have in your library.  From the beginning this cd is enlightening, disturbing, beautiful and emotional.  I feel that Rebekah Delgado’s solo career is going to take off fast!  Do yourself a favor and get this album, become a fan and support someone who clearly deserves it.

Official Press Release:

With her debut EP Sing You Through The Storm (April 2012) garnering support on UK radio (BBC Radio 2, BBC 6 Music, Amazing Radio, Q Radio and more), Spanish national radio (RTVE Radio Tres,) on influential blogs (The 405, The VPME, The Girls Are, God Is In The TV, and more), and as a New Blood featured artist in Artrocker Magazine, Rebekah Delgado prepares to launch her debut solo album. Entitled Don’t Sleep – it will be released on 15th October through Four In The Morning Records, supported by the Menage A Moi EP one week earlier.

Menage A Moi EP – out now – classic ‘lady-rub-rub’ pop with a Grammy winner
Tracklist: Menage A Moi / Sunrise / Scoundrelle (radio edit) / Menage A Moi (Comme Ca)

Menage A Moi is Rebekah’s rude but not crude ‘lady-rub-rub’ song. Since being played by Tom Robinson on his 6 Music show back in December 2011, the song has been polished up and given a classic pop-with-a-twist shine. The EP will also reveal the golden touch of Grammy and Ivor Novello Winner Rob Davis (responsible for Kylie’s Can’t Get You Out Of My Head among other chart successes), who has reworked the lead track with Rebekah into the pure pop tune that is Menage A Moi (comme ca). Menage A Moi and the Rob Davis version have been played so far on BBC London, and Scoundrelle has had plays on 6 Music.

Don’t Sleep (album) – released 15th October – eclectic darkness from “a female Nick Cave”
Tracklist: Little Boy Blue / Lamentine / Day Like Any Other / Don’t Sleep / Sing You Through The Storm / Dark Waltz / The Hunger That Never Sleeps / Scoundrelle / Sunrise / Menage A Moi / Trying To Forget / Vampires

Recorded in a bedroom studio but lacking that bedroom studio feel, Don’t Sleep opens with the nightmarish Little Boy Blue (which led Tom Robinson to declare Rebekah to be “a female Nick Cave”) and sets the scene for a dark yet eclectic album, tinged with a brooding disquiet borne of Rebekah’s chronic insomnia. Its contrite opening wreathes through to the cheeky pop of Menage A Moi by way of the uplifting and hopeful Sing You Through The Storm and the quixotic The Hunger That Never Sleeps. The album will be distributed by Cargo, and is set to form part of the Cargo Collective campaign for October.

If you want to check out some of Delgado’s work, make sure to head over to Four in the Morning Records website, as well as, check out her SoundCloud. Thanks to Chris Rigg for introducing this great artist to us!