Have you ever been sitting there watching Star Wars and said to yourself, “what if Luke would have won the lightsaber battle on Bespin”, or “what if Han Solo was a Jedi?”. Well now you can recreate or create your own 3D animated scenes from the famous movies with Star Wars Scene Maker. Check out the trailer for the app below.

At Disney Publishing, we are committed to reaching today’s consumers in deeper, more engaging ways through innovative and immersive storytelling experiences. Star Wars Scene Maker allows us to put kids and fans of all ages in the director’s seat and provide them with ways to unleash their creativity and share their passion for the Star Wars brand in a new way.

-Andrew Sugerman, Executive Vice President, Disney Publishing Worldwide.

Star Wars Scene Maker is available for free on the iOS App Store. There is an additional cost for other scene packs, the app comes free with the Battle of Endor and each additional scene pack will cost you $2.99. Have fun!

May the Force be with you!