We don’t really do a lot of postings about music here on DFAT, but then, there hasn’t really been much this year for me to write about. But, today I have good news! Ska Troupe, Reel Big Fish, has released a new single AND animated video for their upcoming release, Candy Coated Fury. The video is pretty good, and I’ve been a fan of RBF since 1996, so I enjoyed the new song. Though, Reel Big Fish basically sings the same songs over-and-over again, it’s Ska and I could really care less because it’s fun and gets my feet a-skankin’, if I want angst I’ll listen to my Cure and Radiohead Cd’s. So, if you’re into Ska or just really bad animation, watch the video below!!

Candy Coated Fury will be released on August 28th, 2012

Ska Never Dies.