Resident Evil 6 news just keeps coming here at DFAT towelites. Today, we find out that Capcom doesn’t want you to think you’re not going to get enough zombie action, so it is releaseing 3 new Multiplayer Modes! Gamers will be able to play through three new game modes, Survivors, Predator and Siege. All three modes will support up to six players and will be played on Mercenaries Mode maps.

In Survivors Mode when a player is killed they spawn as an enemy character and must kill two human characters in order to become human again, with the last man standing as the winner. Predator Mode puts one player in the role of the powerful Ustanak and tasks them with eliminating the other players, while the human team must either stop the Ustanak or survive until time runs out. Siege Mode splits players into teams, with one attempting to protect an NPC and the other trying to eliminate that NPC.

For right now, only the Xbox is expected to get the DLC before the PS3; which seems ridiculous considering Sony is where that franchise even began.

Resident Evil 6 will be available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 beginning Oct. 2, 2012 with a PC release to follow.

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