Say what you want about the Resident Evil films, but I honestly don’t care. I don’t need substance from a film based off a video game or toy franchise. All I need is sweet action sequences and a plot that I can at least KIND OF understand. That’s all I really get from the RE films, though the last movie, Resident Evil: Retribution really had me lost through 90% of it.

Director/Producer on the films, Paul W.S. Anderson, is fast at work on the sixth and final film and has officially announced it’s title. The movie will be called Resident Evil: RISING. Nothing is known about the plot of the film but it will be shot in 3D. Li Bingbing will be back as Ada Wong and of course Milla Jovovich as Alice.

Said Anderson about the upcoming film.

“I have to go home tomorrow for ‘Rising Resident Evil’. That’s what I’m going to do. As you know, Bingbing is in the last movie and she will be there again. .. After ‘Resident Evil’ I want to come to China and shoot film again,” Anderson said. Anderson says he believes 3D technology has now become the fabric, rather than just a special sauce, for a film. And, his next “Resident Evil” will “definitely be 3D”

As more news comes down about Resident Evil: Rising, we’ll be sure to keep you posted here at DFAT!


milla jovovich and li bingbing