Everybody loves a classic. Whether it’s a film, book, or TV show, classics withstand the test of time and make sense, even in today’s world of innovation and modernity. When it comes to board games old definitely doesn’t mean bad. Some of the best board games out there are reinterpretations of classics. Take a look at some of the best retro board games out there, for gaming fanatics young and old to enjoy…


Back when all board games came in dusty boxes, there was a game called Dungeon. Release in 1975 the game is widely believed to have inspired the sci-fi phenomenon that is Dungeons and Dragons. The game itself is simple. You select a hero to play as and begin your journey into the dungeon. Along the way, you can cast spells and defeat the evil standing in your way. The aim is to search for and collect treasure. This fantasy board game is suitable for children and adults alike.


The original car racing game. There are plenty of games out there which involves cars these days, Back in 1976, when Dragster was released, things were a little simpler. The aim of the game is to get your car to cross the finish line first. Only problem, the way to move the cars is by flicking a marble at them. This game has the tendency to turn into a bit of a free-for-all as marbles are desperately flicked and cars swerve all over the place.



You may not have known that this ultimate arcade game was turned into a board game in the 80’s. It’s unprecedented success has meant that Pac-man fever is alive and well even today. Just like the arcade game the board game is about eating power pills and avoiding ghosts. Working your way around the maze. You’ll need at least one other player and some dice. These dice are how you move around the board. They indicate how far you can move.


This board game is still a firm favorite today, although the boards themselves have been upgraded since it was first released. Two players try and sink each other’s battleships. You have to guess where your opponent’s battleships are and place your own strategically around the board. We all know you don’t go for the edges, right?


Scrabble is one of the most popular word games in the world. A clever entrepreneur recognized a gap in the market for a word game which you could score in. Cards were popular because you have a winner and a loser, and you could score points. This same principle was applied to Scrabble. The name is very apt as even today we scrabble around looking for the right word to win the game. The game is so popular there’s even a scrabble association who meet and play.


Just like Scrabble, this has become something of a household item. The story goes, that a woman created monopoly to teach people a lesson about corporate greed. So the property game was born. Today families still fall out over money and property in this game. The aim of the game is to buy as many properties and have as much money as possible. Oh, and you have to avoid going to jail too!

Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs

This is another 80’s board game that remained popular for many years. The concept is nothing new now, but was hugely exciting back then. The aim of the game was to collect coins in the mysterious lost valley. You had to collect your coins whilst being careful not to be eaten by the T-Rex’s and Pterodactyl’s that manned the valley. As if that wasn’t enough, there was also a monster lurking in the center of the board and a volcano that was prone to spewing out lava.

Escape from Atlantis


Produced by the same people who brought us Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs, this is another epic quest game involving far-away strange lands. Basically, players had to do all they could to get away from Atlantis, the sinking city. Boats took players to a nearby island where monsters, sharks, and other unhelpful creatures could be found. Each turn a piece of the island is taken away because it’s sinking. As the pressure mounts the game gets far more interesting

Space Hulk

Inspired by the film Aliens, this board game was perfect for any sci-fi lovers. Two players would play. One would be in control of the Space Marines and the other would control the aliens. Interlocking tiles allowed gamers to create different scenarios. This is one board game that nobody got bored of.


Risk is the ultimate board game for a large competitive group of people. Whichever version you’re playing, the aim is to secure as much land as possible. You can attack other players and take over their land by wiping them out. Send in the cavalry and infantry, and watch as chaos ensues.



The ultimate whodunit, Cluedo forces players to bring out their inner Poirot. Clues are revealed and characters are questioned throughout the course of the game. The aim is to work out who committed the crime, what with, and where. Trust no one.