I loved The Departed when I saw it for the first time in the theaters, and the more I watch it, the better it gets. It’s based off the Asian film, Infernal Affairs; which is amazing itself. When Martin Scorcese decided to adapt Infernal for Americans and change it into The Departed, he began a relationship with the director of the film, Andrew Lau.

Lau is now back with another movie called Revenge of the Green Dragons. It’s produced by Scorcese and looks to be a pretty fantastic film. The first trailer is below.

Revenge of the Green Dragons is being helmed by Lau and Andrew Loo. The film will star: Harry Shum Jr., Shuya Chang, Geoff Pierson, Billy Magnussen, and Ray Liotta. The film film is produced by A24 Films and is expected for a DirecTV release in September, and will go wide in October.