Get an exclusive sneak peek of the highly-anticipated book’s cover and interiors, featuring the heroes and villains of Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

Who’s that big, chin-tusked guy hanging out with a First Order spy in Maz’s castle? Who are the red-helmeted enforcers in the Guavian Death Squad? What’s the story behind Kylo Ren’s mask? There’s a way to get all the intel you need on the new heroes, villains, creatures, and droids of The Force Awakens, and it doesn’t require a run-in with rathtars or, worse, a deal with Unkar Plutt.DK’s Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded by Pablo Hidalgo of the Lucasfilm Story Group, coming in April and available now for pre-order, is filled with profiles, statistics, and imagery of characters, monsters, and more from The Force Awakens. Everything from heights to biographies to wardrobe facts — did you know that Han Solo’s new jacket is made of nerf leather? — is here. is thrilled to reveal the updated edition’s new cover, featuring Rey, BB-8, Admiral Ackbar, and more, below.

In all, Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded includes more than 200 entries, spanning the entire saga. Take a peek inside with the gallery below.

Written in sharp, snappy captions, this new tome is easily accessible for both casual and hardcore fans, and the stunning photos and movie stills can be examined and admired for the most intricate details. (Whether you want to do that for Unkar Plutt is up to you.)

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