Both Riddick games that we released for consoles were a smash hit and really added a new perspective to the story of our favorite merc! Well get ready for the next chapter, The Merc Files,  this one is coming to an Apple product near you! Check out the official teaser and some screen shots from the game below!



Be Riddick and take on the bounty hunters that have tracked you down across the stars. Will you stay in the shadows or will you go for a full frontal attack? In this touch-based stealth action game you can complete any level in any number of different ways. The choice is yours.

Riddick: The Merc Files features situation-based gameplay. Choose your own prefered tactics as you play, the mercs behaviour and placement vary to create different circumstances for you to handle. While it might be efficient to fight your way through one time, the same level might require a different tactic the next time.


Head on over the official site to see more from the upcoming game, which will be available on September 20th on the Apple App Store!

Stay tooned 😛



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