A few days ago, we reported that Rob Liefeld was leaving DC. He openly tweeted about this and pretty much burned all of his bridges in a ridiculous messy “divorce” from the company. Coming off the fire from that, we see now Liefeld is in talks to get his Image comic book, Bloodstrike, adapted for the big screen.

Do you remember Bloodstrike…do you. Here’s a look at the team:

Is that Wolverine? Is that guy wearing a Deadpool mask? IS THAT VEGA FROM STREET FIGHTER!!!!! Let me ask you something, if DC Comics has problems getting their movies off the ground, how do you think this will end up. I barely remember this Image title, actually when Chaz started this post, only then did it came back to me. I know that titles like Youngblood and Spawn tie into each other and create a universe, but really guys, do you think anybody (POSSIBLY from the 90’s ) will jump on this?! One word Avengers, not even Justice League stand a chance. What makes you think that something Rob Liefeld created can stand up to that?!?