If Robert Rodriguez is involved with a project, I’m going to watch it. The man is a genius. Plus, he knows how to churn out a movie over a weekend and I have a lot of respect for that. His latest film is being produced by Project Green Screen and the new Blackberry 10. The film is an action movie starring sexy twins, Electra and Elise Avellan, as Ice Cream Scoopers by Day and assassins by night. It’s entitled ‘Two Scoops.’

The film has a few scenes unfinished, and Rodriguez is reaching out to his fans in order to complete the project. Using their help, he’ll insert lucky fans into the film via Green Screen. Below are the trailer, a featurette that explains the inspiration behind Project Green Screen, the poster, and a few behind-the-scenes images. Enjoy!

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You can audition for the movie and learn more at the official site HERE.


Final Film Poster