Chris Walk


Live Tweet: DC Comics Robot Chicken Special starting in 4 minutes!

Already starting in on Aquaman #RobotChicken #DCComics

Bane sneak attack. Ch’ip is here, no wait that’s that OTHER one B’dg , effin green lantern squirrels! #RCDC

This is very silver age. superman’s super forgetting kiss. The mix of Mego and DCUC is great! #RCDC

Ice villains and their cheesy lines. why does DC have so many similar bad guys?! He said snow jobs, Ha! #RCDC

Nathan Fillion is Green Lantern, and hilarious. He can’t handle Earth C. #RCDC

It’s funny that DC can make fun of themselves. It’s so easy. #RCDC

My name is Aquaman and I know how to talk to tuna. #RCDC —>Probably best scene, all the superheroes are in a bar trying to pickup chicks and that’s the line Aquaman gives a girl, says this while sticking his tongue out making obscene gestures. lol. After the inevitable turn-down he goes to hook up with a dolphin.

Legion of Doom staff meetings. Those bastards have a Giganta DCUC figure! Oh wait a borderlands 2 commercial! #RCDC

Here comes the GL movie parody. Gary the Nerd takes the ring, this may be the only time the guardians are tollerable, sans Ganthet #RCDC

LOD staff meeting, riddle me this. Who is the punctuation posse?? #RCDC

Aquaman is now the latest member of the Legion of Doom! Chakaboom! #RCDC

Was I supposed to fight Darkseid? Because I’m just a guy in a cat suit. -Wildcat #RCDC —-> Omega Beams followed soon after.

Bane broke Batman 4 times in the episode. “That’s Bane!” And superman loves kissing everyone to a scary Aerosmith rip off. Yikes. #RCDC —->Pretty hilarious, my favorite is when he shows up at the Watchtower and does it in front of everyone, Batman is in utter disbelief that they could just watch it happen.

Nevermind that was Steven Tyler. Thank you Robot Chicken #RCDC

Pretty funny stuff! 4 stars outta 5!

Stay tooned 😛