I’m a big fan of rogue-like video games.  When they can get them done right like a Binding of Isaac, then you have a perfect blend of difficulty and fun. Coming out later this year is Battlecursed, a rogue-like action RPG where a single-player can control a four-hero party all in real time. The game looks like it could be an instant classic. Learn more about it below.

 Battlecursed, a rogue-like action RPG in which a single-player directs a four-hero party in real-time, first-person battles, will come to PC in Q4 2016. Swift thinking and calculated strategies are key as players manage their custom hero group’s development as they venture deep into an ever-changing underground world.
GDC 2016 attendees will be the first to brave Battlecursed‘s procedurally-generated 3-D labyrinths when it makes its public debut in booth PL 500.
Instead of relying on one character with numerous abilities, Battlecursed emphasizes party tactics, such as combining specific characters’ weapons or spells with devastating results. For example, combine the Grave Knight’s Frost Spell with the ranger’s Multi-Shot to create triple Frost Arrow projectiles.
Initial hero classes include Huntress, Cleric, Grave Knight and Necromancer. The shrewd Huntress stealthily takes down opponents using her agility to dodge attacks and dexterity to strike with fatal precision. The Necromancer taps into undead sorcery, binding all manner of evil creatures to carry out the party’s bidding. The Grave Knight plows through enemies with his superior strength and surprises many with his deadly frost spells. The Cleric, empowered with divine magic, will serve as the primary healer and protector of the party.
Players navigate the twisting dungeons of the evil Arch-Lich, Lord Xelo Van. Along the way, they’ll unravel the mystery of the undead sorcerer’s secret power and collect Soul Shards to resurrect powerful, legendary heroes.
Codex Worlds is led by Dexter Chow, a former executive producer at Ubisoft, as well as other developers who worked on Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers; Torment: Tides of Numenera; and Dragon’s Lair.
“We love action RPGs, but we want to play in first person with a party and add a rogue style of gameplay. Battlecursed will give fans of dungeon crawlers, ARPGs and rogue-like games something to look forward to,” said Dexter Chow, creative director of Codex Worlds.
Codex Worlds is currently running a Steam Greenlight campaign for Battlecursed.
To learn more about Battlecursed, visit www.battlecursed.com
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