Sharpen your swords, shine your armor, load your pack with dungeon rations, and get ready for adventure! Publisher Wild River today announces a June 9, 2020 release date for their PC action-RPG The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes.

Book of Heroes is an officially licensed game based on the massively popular tabletop RPG The Dark Eye from Ulisses Spiele International, which is one of the most beloved pen-and-paper RPGs in Germany —  right up there with Dungeons and Dragons! In development by Random Potion, the game has you rolling up a character, creating their backstory, and heading off in search of action and adventure in the mystical lands of Aventuria. Will you find fame and fortune, or foolhardy folly? The choice is yours! The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes will be available on Steam for $29.99 USD.

Along with the release date announcement, Wild River has a new teaser trailer


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