Collective efforts are big payoffs when they are done correctly. DC Comics really shook up the comic book world when they announced that they would be “rebooting” MOST of their titles. Now when I say most, I literally mean about 95% of the characters got new to mildly revised back stories. The move was to erase the years of complication so that new readers could just jump on board. I believe that this move has been relativity successful, but at the same time find it frustrating that certain books kept a majority of their pasts, aka Batman (though the fact that Tim Drake was never Robin, but Red Robin all along is infuriating), and the Green Lantern books which kept all of Geoff Johns’ Emotional Spectrum/rainbow lanterns saga intact (a move I cant disagree with), whilst others have not. Nonetheless, I am not writing this to bitch about the New 52, what I am writing about is the fact that DC deserves some major credit where it counts, Animal Man and Swampthing.

I could write about Scott Snyder probably all day but I won’t, but WHAT I WILL do is suggest you check out my previous post on Snyder’s Batman run and this post with @CRnerdGirls. On with the show, RotWorld. A Scott Snyer & Jeff Lemire is a comic geek’s dream. Both writers have been delivering SOLID quality work for a few years now, books like Sweet Tooth and American Vampire have really allowed both writers to find their voices, and it has led to this. Currently we have been “On the Road” to RotWorld in both current #12 issues of both Swampthing and Animal Man, and the crossover begins in issues #13. Frankenstein: Agent of Shade, is going to be taking on The Rot as well in number #13. Lemire will ALSO be tying in his run on Justice League Dark as well! If you like horror comics, I urge you to check out either Swampthing or Animal Man, both Authors have reinvented two classics, taking what Moore did so well and enhancing it, and well Animal Man…there wasn’t really anywhere to go than up. One character I am really excited to see featured in this story line is Poison Ivy, what an interesting character to use within a Swampthing arc!  Would you like to know more? Then check out this awesome interview with the duo here from ComicBookResources. Pre-Order Rot World @ TFAW. Check back here at Don’t Forget a Towel for further updates from this project!