What happens when LEGO buys up all of my favorite franchises and makes AWESOME sets out of them? My money goes out the door and fast, and in 2013 this will be happening all over again (on the heels of The Hobbit sets being release Holiday 2012 nonetheless!) A rumored list of the full LEGO release schedule has been leaked by Smashing-Bricks.com and my personal favorite LEGO Superheroes have some awesome sets on the list including:

Super Heroes Sets:
• Camouflage Tumbler and The Bat
• The Bat Boat includes White Batman, Mr Freeze, Aquaman
• Daily Bugle includes Beetle, JJJ, Spider-man, Dr Doom
• Spider-man Chase includes Spider-man, Venom, Nick Fury

We have already seen all of these min-figs teased, AND MORE!


So we can pretty much expect that the other sets are on their way as well, along with what may be some Arkham City themed ones as well! While I love the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon show, I’m not sure I can dish out the cash required to buy the Daily Bugle, though the concept of the Doctor Doom minifig is hard to deny, that’s how they always get you! The Bat-boat with Mr. Freeze and Aquaman is a no-brainer, my money will be spent on this one of course. So let’s keep our fingers crossed that these come to fruition and just maybe I’ll see my SHIELD Helicarrier one day, hey it’s in the movie and in the Spidey cartoon! If these rumored sets do pan out look for them early 2013, and maybe more to follow!!

Stay tooned 😛



Thanks to Brick Ultra for the heads up!