One of my favorite shows of all time is Saved By the Bell. When they released the entire series on DVD, I was there. I picked them up, went over to my sisters, and binge-watched them. They are timeless. I’ve seen every episode numerous times. Even though I own the episodes, I’ll still watch them if they happen to show up on reruns. Something about those silly little adventures those kids get caught up in that gets me every time.

saved by the bell old castI’ve dreamed of a reunion for years and Jimmy Fallon came very close. It all fell through, but it looks like we’ll see the kids of Bayside High reunite in a different way. Dustin Diamond has sold off his ‘Unauthorized Story of Saved By the Bell’ memoirs to Lifetime, and now we’re going to see a movie based off what  we didn’t see on television.

Cast by the original Saved by the Bell casting director, Robin Lippin, the six actors who will play the sextet are in the picture below. If they go by the memoirs, we may see some drug dabbling and sexcapades!

The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story airs on Lifetime on September 1st at 9pm


Saved By the Bell Lifetime