Fox just will not let J.J. Abrams go! And they shouldn’t….EVER! With Fringe airing its final season starting this fall, Fox has approved a pilot for a sci-fi, robot “Buddy-Cop” series from Abrams and show runner JH Wyman. The show will take place in the near future where the L.A.P.D. partners its officers with “highly evolved human-like androids”. Sounds interesting enough, I will not doubt what these two can bring to the table so I’m pretty excited. With ‘Revolution’ starting this fall and ‘Person on Interest’ staying strong, Abrams continues to impress on the TV front and OF COURSE the big screen! Abrams and his company, Bad Robot, also just sealed the deal on a three-year extension on their contract with Warner Bros. Television, the company that has housed the uber-creator since 2006. Here’s hoping that the magic continues!

Stay tooned 😛