The last time that Scott Snyder and Jock worked together was on Detective Comics before DC Comics The New 52 relaunch, and they will be once again. Recently at Image Expo, the publisher announced that Scott Snyder would be returning to write a new horror series called Wytches.  The last time Snyder worked with Image Comics was on Severed back in 2011. Snyder had the following to say regarding the upcoming title:

“I think our goal is to just scare the living #$*& out of you with this book, I want this book to be the blackest, most twisted horror that I’ve ever done. I want it to be the book I feel terrible about at my kids’ soccer game. I want this book to be like, you read it and say, ‘They let this guy write Superman?’”

Wytches Scott Snyder

With the return of American Vampire this year and this book on the way, it looks like Snyder is getting back to what he loves most, and I am all about it! It doesn’t hurt that Jock is one of my favorite artists in the industry as well! Look for Wytches sometime later in 2014!



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