Hasbro has been on a rampage lately and turning the heat back up on their Marvel Legends line. The demand for the 6″ figure is out there, I prefer it myself. Just the amount of extra detail that can be applied at that scale is amazing! The re-hashing has begun and some new figs are getting made. We will see a new Giant Man figure as a BAF (build a figure) along with my favorite of the lot. Flash Thompson Venom. My biggest concern is trying to put together a Guardians of the Galaxy team when they put Rocket Racoon out as a BAF! Joining Drax the Destroyer, and Rocket this year will be Star Lord himself, Peter Quill. These are gonna be a hot commodity in the nerd world, kinda wish I would have picked up that Drax when they were on deep discount. Oh well, at least I still have my AWESOME Marvel Universe team-pack!

Venom Flash Marvel Legends


Hasbro is also looking to put out more Iron Man 3 figures, as we will see Ben Kingsley‘s Mandarin, along with other highlights being Pepper Potts in her Rescue armor, Valkyre, and Thor in his Marvel NOW! duds. Also surviving the toy race is the 3.75″ Marvel Universe line, which I hear is going to be renamed to be an Avengers line. Interesting move Hasbro. Check out some of the highlights below from SDCC courtesy of The Fwoosh! Check out their full Hasbro coverage!



On the other end of the spectrum of my personal favorite collecting club,, sits the DC retail line. What I have enjoyed about the current DC Universe waves including Batman Unlimited and DC Unlimited, have acted as a great supplement to my CIE subscription, also allowing me to collect the crash New 52 figs that have been coming out! But alas it looks as if DC and Mattel are headed in a new direction, the correct direction. Get your toys and characters out to kids as well. Unfortunately DC has never been able to pass Marvel in the action figure race. So what’s ahead this year from Mattel, well…. transforming to their Batman Unlimited line! New heroes join Batman’s cause and more villains to take to Blackgate! But that’s not even half of it! There will be two different sized figure lines at retail! First up is the 4 inch articulated series called DC Multiverse, it was also said that the line would consist of 3 waves and each figure would have around 14 points of articulation. Next up is the brand new 6″ series by the fabled Four Horsemen, called Total Heroes. This series kinda pisses me off, why are you going to transform your 6″ figure line into a different mold, I mean soft capes, really? I guess that some of these guys will be available for purchase on MattyCollector at some point, good move Mattel. Check out some figs from the DC Multiverse line courtesy of Toy News International, check out their site for more great pics and news.



So where the hell is my Damian Wayne figure at retail, I think he’s going to pull a Larfleeze.

Stay tooned 😛




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