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Look out New 52 fans because we are headed for year THREE! What’s ahead for readers?? There were some great announcements this year at SDCC, and it makes me even more excited to see what unfolds in the aftermath of Trinity War and Forever Evil!



-Trinity War only marks the end of the BEGINNING for the New 52!

-Superman/Wonder Woman team-up title is coming! This October from Charles Soule and Tony Daniels.

-Forever Evil: Arkham War will be a series within the Event!

-One of the Lantern Corps will be DESTROYED during forever evil!

-Nightwing/Batgirl team-up in Nightwing Annual #2!

-Jeff Lemire is excited that Green Arrow is a success! He never expected to remain on the title, yet people have loved the book…for good reason!

-Aquaman will mark the end of the first two years of The New 52! Look for the origins of Atlantis, and Aquaman’s ancestry. Aquaman is cool.




Welcome to the new era of the Marvel Universe! There are some really exciting things happening in the universe and Infinity will blow your mind this August! Here’s some highlights from the Cup ‘O Joe Panel at SDCC!



-The Marvel UK characters get there first big event is Revolutionary War!

-Gamora VS Angela is gonna happen!

-A different human superhero will join the fight after Tony Stark returns to Earth!

-The return of Nightcrawler will happen in Amazing X-Men #1!

-Wolverine Origin 2 is happening by creative team Kieron Gillen and Andy Kubert!

-Infinity will span Galaxies, becoming one of Marvel’s biggest projects.

-Inhumanity will follow the events of Infinity. Will be reader friendly with new characters and stories!

-Will the Galactus time-warp bring about the end of the Ultimate Marvel Universe?! Look for Cataclysm: The Ultimates Last Stand!

-Longshot saves the Marvel Universe a new mini-series featuring everyone’s favorite lucky mutant, is coming this fall!


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