We here at DFAT love our animated DC Comics movies and can’t be happier that the company continues to push these out. At SCCC DC announced which movies are up next on their slate. First up we knew that a Justice League Dark movie was in the works somehow whether it be a live action version or animated, well it’s now confirmed that we will be getting the latter. It is also confirmed that we will get both John Constantine (duh) and Swamp Thing in the movie, the rest of team is undetermined.

Justice League DarkNext up what would a DC Animated announcement be without one of these films being about Batman? Well here you have it folks, we will be seeing a Batman and Harley Quinn movie. No details other than the fact that it will be an original story and Bruce Timm will be handling it. With Suicide Squad just around the corner get ready for Harley Quinn to truly be a household name.Batman and Harley

Finally and most exciting to me is that we will be getting another Teen Titans movie. This time around it will be based on the classic Marv Wolfman and George Perez tale, The Judas Contract. This project has been in production for years now and finally it is getting a release. Teen Titans Judas Contract

What do you think about these announcements Towelites? Which movie sounds the best to you? Sound off in the comments as usual!