Hey Towelites! Welcome back to another edition of Star Wars Sundays. We just recently came down from our lackluster Celebration high only to find out that companies found it more important to drop news at SDCC. Why not right? Well if I had bought tickets for Celebration I would have been piseed, but we are past that now. This weekend at SDCC our favorite company Hasblo, oh sorry HASBRO, revealed the next wave(s) of Star Wars Black Series. There are some heavily demanded figures among them. Check out the gallery below for a nice assortment.

Now I will not sit here and pretend that I believe that the Fan Vote is a good thing. I actually find it super annoying that Hasbro would allow fans to put into production a figure that is no longer relevant to New Canon. Now the Revan figure makes sense because I’m still pretty sure that TOR and KOTOR are Canon, but this year’s “choice” is downright ridiculous. Say hello to Jaina Solo. Now I won’t sit here and act like I didn’t love Jaine when the Expanded universe was alive and well but this isn’t appropriate anymore. When Rey is a prominent and popular character why would you waste time and materials making this and not give us her look at the end of The Force Awakens?! I hope that Hasbro and Disney decide to NOT make this figure and nothing of its sort in the future. This is what happens when you put power into the hands of nerds. Especially the wrong ones.

Jaina Solo

Finally there were some nice reveals of some of the 3.75 inch figures as well you can see them all below. Highlights being the Grand Admiral Thrawn figure and the AT-ACT Walker from Rogue One!