Our good friends over at Secret Panel are the premiere website for featuring artists amazing work, and this time they will be focusing on the Image Comics title Nameless by Grant Morrison. Secret Panel will be releasing Limited Edition Prints starting today for the low price of $45 dollars for a 24 X 36 print! Read more about this auspicious event below.

Secret Panel Releases Limited Edition Prints for Grant Morrison’s Nameless

Chicago screen print collective, Secret Panel, is releasing officially licensed prints for the new Image Comics title Nameless by Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham.

This collection of 2 prints are designed by comic artist Chris Burnham (based on his cover of Nameless #1) and designer James Flames.

Chris Burnham is quoted about the project,

“I’ve been a fan of the Delicious Design League‘s work with The House Theatre of Chicago for years. I was The House’s original graphic designer/illustrator and it’s great to know that it’s in hands that are so much more capable than mine ever were! And now that DDL has spun off into Secret Panel, I don’t have to be secretly jealous of them, I can just be a straight-up FAN.

Getting to work with them on something new is amazing. It’s not coming full circle, it feels like coming full spiral!

The cover to Nameless #1, with three astronauts covered in tribal sigils, is hopefully as mysterious and evocative as it is recognizable and concrete. Equal parts The Right Stuff and “What the hell IS that?”

Nathan Fairbairn’s original ethereal colors have been subtly tweaked to maximize the printmaking process, and they absolutely pulse with hidden energy. Like instead of ink, Secret Panel has used the blood of a dozen sacrificed virgins. Virgin blood is green, right?”


All screen prints are 24 x 36 and available for $45. Prints will be available at 2pm CST on Feb. 3rd at secretpanel.org

Secret Panel launched it’s first series last October for the bestselling Image Comics “rural-noir” Revival and released a series in December based on the hit indie game Hotline Miami.

You can find prints at secretpanel.org and follow them on twitter, facebook, and instagram for special promos and first looks at what’s next!

Secret Panel is planning to launch a series for the Image Comics hit Sex Criminals around Valentine’s Day!

About Secret Panel

Secret Panel is a Chicago-based print society with a focus on creator-owned/indie comics and video games.