The trailer for Star Wars Episode VII has brought about a lot of reactions from fans. I’m not going to go too far into that, as I was a fan of it and I love J. J. Abrams; so I’ll leave it at that. Everyone who is hating on the film because of a gyroscopic droid can frankly just sod off. Anyway, what I wanted to talk about was the reveal of the mysterious figure and his epic new lightsaber.


So, just who IS this cloaked figure with the Claymore-saber? There’s been rumors flying around the interwebs that it could be the famed, Darth Revan. A figure who shows up in Knights of the Old Republic, and therefore could NOT be in Episode VII. It makes literally no sense why a man who was born over 3,000 years Before the Battle of Yavin; would just show up in a film that takes place 30 years ABY. Star Wars Underground actually released a picture of the villain more than a month before the trailer dropped that fits the character from the character EXACTLY.

Darth Revan star wars episode vii leaked image

When I first saw this image, I thought it nothing more than someone taking concept art from Destiny, and adding their own take on the Lightsaber; until I saw the new teaser. Now that it’s basically confirmed that we saw our first look at this new Sith, I have a bit of a theory on WHOM we are actually looking at. Let’s explore the picture below.


We have a cloaked figure, same as the trailer, but we’re getting to see the front of them. They are clutching the remnants of Vader’s mask, touching it ever so slightly with a cybernetic limb. Just who else do we know from the series with a robotic arm, much like his own father? That’s right, Luke Skywalker.


It’s been 30 years since the Battle of Yavin, and a lot has changed. The Rebels have won, the Empire has been overthrown, but where does that leave a Jedi Knight with hardly any proper training? Luke was barely taught anything from Obi-Wan, and though his meeting with Yoda was instrumental; it was hardly what you’d learn in the Jedi Temples of old. We’ve already seen Luke have some darker tendencies when taking on Vader and even The Emperor; maybe he succumbed fully to the anger dwelling within.



The only father figure he’s ever really known practically tried to kill him, and cut off his own hand. He may be searching for answers, and those come at a price. We don’t know what Luke has become, or how far he’s gone to know who he really is; but it could be a path plagued in Darkness. As the voice over said, we’ll be looking at “The Dark Side, and the light.” Something that Luke knows all too well.

Concept image via StarWarsUnderworld