Disclaimer: The Aliens and Predator franchises are two of my favorites of all time, this is shown by the amount of swag I brought home from NYCC

SEGA had little, I should say VERY LITTLE, to do with this panel. Their part mostly consisted of showing off the trailer for their video game Alien: Isolation and that was about it. Which I guess was fine, though I did want to hear a little more about the game and maybe hear from some of the developers, but whatever. I love that game so SEGA is forgiven.

NYCC ALIEN 02On the panel were the following:

  • Aub Driver (Dark Horse Comics Publisicist)
  • Alex de Campi (Grindhouse)
  • Paul Tobin (Prometheus)
  • Joshua Williamson (Predator: Fire and Stone)
  • Chris Roberson (Aliens: Fire and Stone)
  • Randy Stradley (editor and Dark Horse co-founder)

What we did get was a retrospective of all of the Aliens and Predator comics from the past 26 years! From the first Aliens comic series published in 1988 and the first Predator comic in 1989. Also in 1989, the Aliens and Predators went up against each other for the first time in Dark Horse Presents #36, which acted as a precursor to the first Alien vs Predator mini-series in 1990. Many forget that these sci-fi titans first battled in the pages of Dark Horse Comics.

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Throughout the years these monsters would show up time and time again, in their own comics,as well as going head-to-head many times! Since then we have seen novels, action figures, video games, and movies that all depicted this classic match up. Everyone loves a crossover, and what a crossover we would get!

NYCC ALIEN 29Now that Ridley Scott has added a new element, Prometheus, to this awesome universe, I knew it wouldn’t be long before it would get the funny book treatment. Little did I know that it would be a crossover event like Fire and Stone!  I am only on the first issues of the series, and Predator #1 hasn’t even been released. But let me tell you I am hooked and can’t wait for the next issues to hit!

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It was nice to hear how involved all of the creators and writers are and that they all met together in Portland to discuss what was going to happen in the story. I think this is one of the most important elements when crafting a story of this scale. There was one major spoiler announced during the panel, kind of. Williamson described the battle scene in Predator #4 as “one long fight scene” spanning the entire issue, which sounds pretty epic! Though he tried not to reveal what happens, the slides basically give it away and it blew my geekly mind!

Then this was announced, and I CAN’T WAIT!


De Campi was more than happy to talk about her upcoming “totally insane cross-over”, which takes the classic Archie characters and basically gets them skinned up! I wasn’t really sure why De Campi was on the panel until they revealed this. It was then I realized I should probably be checking out her Grindhouse series! Look for that book in April 2015!

Fire and Stone continues in Predator #1 which hits stands on October 22nd! You can still find Aliens #1, Prometheus #1, and AvP #1 in comic shops  or our favorite online retailer! So jump on board!

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