We’re all pretty huge Tolkien fans here at DFAT, and though the video games based on the properties tend to be quantity over quality, Shadow of Mordor looks like it will be setting itself apart from the other games based off the properties. The game follows a Ranger with the ability to weird Wraith powers as well as a sword.

The amazing people over at Corridor Digital decided to take their talents to the world of the video game and create a fan film. Written by the talented team of Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer, the film looks like a perfect homage to what Peter Jackson did with his film; as well as a fresh take on the series to include the video game elements. Check it out below!

You can watch the Behind the Scenes of this fan film as well.

Shadow of Mordor will be released for next-gen consoles on September 30th and current-gen systems on November 18th.