The good people over at bitComposer and Games Farms are giving the world of Heretic Kingdoms a facelift, and it couldn’t look better. In the upcoming sequel, Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms, the classic Action-RPG will be adding Doctor Who’s fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, to play the narrator on the game. You’ll also see some amazing new graphics and gameplay!

Here’s the teaser trailer:

Here’s the synopsis:

[box_light]Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms is the next chapter of the Heretic Kingdoms saga. The Action-RPG is produced by Games Farm and published by bitComposer Games for release in Q4 2014. Set a few years after the events of Kult: Heretic Kingdoms players are caught up in a terrible conspiracy and propelled upon an epic journey through a world of dark fantasy. Epic battles and unexpected plot twists await those brave enough to rise to the challenge! Take control of the Devourer, a demon that swallows the souls of the dead and brings them back into the mortal realm as puppets. But is the demon their master – or their servant? [/box_light]

Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms will be on Steam Early Access, June 13th.