Civil Wrongs

Fiona is getting along famously at her temp job, she really seems to be fitting in and has become part of the workplace family. For the first time it looks like she has something stable, of course we all know that something will end up happening and she’ll get let go, or quit, or whatever. My guess is that it will have to do with super nice good looking boss. Maybe he’ll hit on her and she won’t go for it? Maybe she does go for it and they get caught? Whatever ends up happening, we know that the Gallagher’s can’t keep their good luck for long. It was nice to see her having fun on the soft ball team though, she looked so happy, like she felt that she belonged there.

Jimmy let her know that he wants to finish out medical school, having only one year left he feels that this is the best thing for him and Fiona. He would get the break he needs from everything by moving back to Michigan, but would still be able to help out the family. I guess his heart is in the right place, until he finds out that he will have to take Estafania with him, since she is his wife and all.

Frank is being hilarious as always, pitting the gay rights activists and anti-gay activists against each other for his own benefits. He’s still the local gay hero speaking at different functions trying to raise money for the cause, but he accepted the offer from the anti-gay activists to try to be “cured” by being put up in a fancy hotel, paid for his time and having women come to have sex with him. Of course he’s caught in the act, literally, by Abraham from the gay rights side, and is now being forced to sleep with two men to prove that he’s still gay, which he isn’t at all, but who knows with Frank, he’ll do anything for some money and booze.

Lip is having a hard time dealing with what happened to Karen, it was heart breaking to see him in the hospital with her. The doctors don’t know much since she’s in a coma and they are treating Sheila and Jody like crap! Not giving any answers, being short and rude with them, until Jody finally tells the doctor that he will “throw his tiny body out of that window” if they don’t get answers. It’s not looking good for her until the end, when Jody realizes that him touching her feet and legs was making her toes and fingers move. Of course he ends up with his head under the blanket and the next thing you see her eyes pop open and she’s awake. He’s calling himself the coma whisperer now and thinks that he can cure anyone with his “skills.” Back to Lip though, he finds out from Sheila that Karen got a text from him just before she left the house and was hit by the car. There’s no way he’s not linking Mandy to this. At this point he hasn’t confronted her about it yet, but I’m sure he will, and knowing Mandy she’ll come right out and tell him that she did it. As messed up as it is, she did it for him (though I’m sure getting Karen out of the picture would benefit her too) but she loves Lip. I don’t know what will happen between them, but I do think that he will stay by Karen’s side through everything. I can’t blame him for that, he loves her, but man, I still think Karen is poison for him and it would be better if he would just stay away from her completely.

I’m glad to say that I get to end this review on a good note today! After months of V having to endure Kevin and Carol (her mother) getting it on, Carol is finally pregnant!!! V had been so upset and depressed about this whole situation, and feels inadequate because she can’t get pregnant, but now their plan has worked, no matter how messed up it is, and it looks like they will be having a baby!!!

I can’t wait to see what kind of crazy shenanigans everyone gets themselves into next week! Till then Towelites!!!!