Shameless is really living up to its name this season.  Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy), the world’s most terrible person, has outdone himself this time.  Usually I can watch this show and think, “yeah, it’s bad, but it’s just a show,” but seriously, giving valium to a baby!?  And calling Social Services on your own family?!  Come on Frank!  You have out done yourself this season, and we’re only two episodes in.   It’s just as bad as when he sold Liam to drug dealers to pay off his debt.  God, what an ass!

Ian and Mickey are still hooking up, and I’m waiting for Mickey to realize how much he really likes Ian.  It’s so obvious, but he’s so against it I don’t know if he’s ever going to figure it out for himself. 

Lip is awesome, as always.  I’m really hoping that Mandy can help get him into college though.  He is way too smart to stick around the slums just to steal and scam and end up in jail.  He really needs to get out of there and realize that he can make it.   I was surprised to see that Mandy cared enough about him to actually go to the guidance counselor to try to help him. Good job Mandy!

Fiona is still trying. That poor girl will never get ahead.  I was really hoping she would be able to pull in a little bit of profit from the club night, but I should’ve known she wouldn’t.  She is a Gallagher right?  It just seems like every time she thinks something is going to go where she wants it, it all just falls apart.  I’m waiting to see what happens between her and Jimmy/Steve once she figures out what he’s hiding from her.

Sheila is losing her mind with the baby that never stops screaming!  Was anyone else at least proud to see that she took the garbage OUTSIDE!!!  I mean, forget that she left Hymie on top of the garbage can and he was almost swallowed up by the garbage truck, Sheila went outside!!!  Now she and Jodi have Frank the baby whisperer staying with them so they can get some sleep.  That’s gonna end well isn’t it?  I’m not gonna lie, the whole situation with the baby completely stresses me out. I almost had a panic attack while watching Frank with him.  I really hope that something doesn’t happen to that baby this season. 

And now to my favorite part of last night’s episode… Debs!  Our sweet, loving, forgiving, caring and sensitive little girl has finally been pushed to her breaking point and made to see what a complete failure Frank really is.  That poor girl, I feel bad for her, but I guess in that family the day has to come for every one of them to see and accept the kind of person Frank truly is.  The moment she ran and got her pillow case full of bars of soap was a proud moment for me.  She really gave it to him! 

Next week’s episode looks like it’s not going to disappoint.  V is about to kill Kev’s ex, Jimmy/Steve is still dealing with Stephania’s dad and his henchman, Frank is still up to no good and telling lies, Fiona is looking for another job and I’m sure there will be plenty of terribly shameless things to entertain us all.  Till next time Towelites!