The last episode before the season finale did not disappoint, not that I thought it would.  There’s a lot of craziness going on in the land of The Gallaghers.

First off, Fiona is trying desperately to figure out a way to make it work with Jimmy and his big move to Ann Arbor, MI to finish med school.  She has it all figured out, but has no idea that he’s being forced to take Estafania with him instead of her and the kids.  After he left his phone home she answers a call telling him that he has been approved for his studio apartment on campus and can move in any time.  Of course she runs down to the coffee shop to confront him on this, where they have a huge fight and Jimmy says exactly what’s been on his mind.  He brings up the whole guardianship thing, and how she didn’t even ask him if that was okay, and then told her how they were living in a slum and basically let her know where his mind has been the past few weeks.  She storms off, and he goes to stay with an old friend from med school back in the day.  They were supposed to go on a camping trip with Fiona’s new work friends, but she just went with Debbie and Liam instead when Jimmy didn’t come home.  Of course she ends up hooking up with boss man Mike (I think that’s his name) and they both realize pretty quickly that it’s a revenge hook up and they stop.  As much as I like Jimmy, this Mike guy is starting to grow on me.  He just seems like a really good guy. 

While all of that is going on, Jimmy finds out that Estafania has been picked up by Michigan INS and is being deported.  He finds this out when her scary Father comes to take him out to lunch.  At this point I am terrified of what is going to happen to Jimmy, and so is he.  For a split second I thought it was a test, that he had come to tell him that to see how he would respond, but apparently it’s not.  The last thing we see of Jimmy is him getting on a boat with Estafania’s dad, and Beto throwing his phone into the water and looking pretty sad.  Needless  to say, I’m pretty certain that nothing good will come of this little boat trip, if Jimmy comes out of this alive I will be very surprised.  Of course while he’s getting on the boat Fiona is calling to apologize and tell him that they can work everything out because she loves him.

It’s the day of Mickey Milkovich’s wedding as well and Ian is freaking out.  He can’t stay sober for more than 5 minutes and shows up at the wedding to confront Mickey about it.  They end up hooking up, of course, but Mickey still ends up going through with the wedding, he doesn’t think he has much of a choice.  After everything is done, Ian gets STUPID drunk at the reception and pretty much yells at the top of his lungs that he and Mickey love each other but can’t be together.  Lip carries him out of there, while Mandy is basically in shock finding out that her best friend and brother have been together. 

Karen is home from the hospital, but is having problems with her memories and it seems like she’s pretty much a little girl.  All she really cares about is snacks, sleeping and Jody.  Lip is there constantly making sure she’s okay, and tries to have a real talk with her about everything, how it was Mandy that hit her, trying to get her to remember stuff that they used to do.  He asked her if she remembered any of it and she said she did, but she just can’t feel, then she asked for snacks.  At this point, Jody is taking her and Hymie to Arizona where his family is.  He thinks it will help heal her and bring her back.

Carl stays home from camping with everyone to hang out with Frank.  They’ve come up with a scheme to rob his foster parents house since he knows their work hours and has a code to get in.  They seem to have fun together, but once they get back Carl gets caught.  The cops are there and are trying to force him into the police car.  Apparently the code he had was CARL, and it was assigned specifically to him, so they knew exactly who broke in to the house.  Frank over hears Lip and the cops yelling at each other and comes out front to see what’s going on.  He admits to robbing them, but says he forced Carl to give him the code to get in.  My guess is he’s not only being nice (for once!), but he just wants somewhere warm to sleep, with showers and food since no one will let him stay with them anymore. The last thing we see is Frank being carted off to jail.

Next week’s season finale looks to be pretty intense.  Lip graduates from High School!  Frank gets sick due to his alcoholism and the doctor’s aren’t sure if he’s going to make it or not, and hopefully we find out what happens to Jimmy.

Till next time Towelites!