The Helpful Gallaghers


 Hey my faithful Towelites!  This week’s episode of Shameless was just as wonderfully terrible as the rest.  Carl is at Cancer Camp, and has realized that he’s “dying” (what he doesn’t realize is that Frank was just trying to get money out of the Make a Wish organization and made it all up and all he got was Cancer Camp.)  Before he left he gave Fiona this big hug and told her she was the best sister in the world and at the bus stop he hugged Frank and told him he loved him.  Poor Carl really thinks he’s dying, and he doesn’t know how to process this at all.  While he’s there he makes some friends, and in true Gallagher form starts trouble.  He is mad because they no longer have the rifle range, they don’t have sprinkles for their ice cream, the kids are only being fed healthy foods when all they really want are Chicken Nuggets, so of course he starts a riot and is trying to get everything he can out of this camp.  He keeps saying, “We’re all dying and you can’t even get us Chicken Nuggets?”  At the end he promises his new friend that he will make sure he sees boobs before he dies.  After convincing the counselor there to show them hers, they get caught and he and the counselor both get kicked out of camp.  Really though, would you expect anything less from him?


In the meantime, Mandy gets a call from her little sister in Wisconsin that her meth head mom has passed away and she has nowhere to go.  After Lip convinces her to go get her, they take the ice cream truck out of retirement and take a road trip to pick her up.  Of course she can’t go back to the Milkovich house seeing as Mandy’s dad likes to molest his daughters, so she inevitably ends up at the Gallagher house.  What’s one more person there, right?  When Debs gives her pajamas to change in to we find out that she has what she refers to as her “girl penis” which is different from a “boy penis.”  I’m not sure if she’s a hermaphrodite or if she’s transgender, but they did show her peeing standing up.  And now we see Mandy completely falling for Lip because he is responsible for saving her little sister, and Fiona is not happy about that.  I mean, honestly, I understand why you wouldn’t want to see anyone involved with a Milkovich (she doesn’t know about Ian and Mickey), but really, I don’t think Mandy’s all that bad.  She’s really growing on me.


Sheila is after Jody for some fun time bedroom play, and he’s not having it because of his sex addictions.  Eventually Frank convinces him to do it (mainly because if he doesn’t then Frank will have to) and Sheila is finally getting her SUPER freak on!  I honestly think that Sheila is one of the greatest characters ever written, and I couldn’t see anyone else in that role but Joan Cusack.  She plays crazy perfect!

In the meantime, Jimmy gets a call from his dad (Lloyd) to meet him at a bar (as his wife is throwing his clothes out the window.) They meet up and he confesses that he and his mom are getting a divorce.  After drinking too much Jimmy brings Lloyd back home to sleep it off.  Well, we all know where this is heading, since Ian lives there and they’ve been hooking up for months.  Lloyd stumbles into the guy’s room and thinks he’s getting into bed with Ian, but really crawls into bed with Lip, gets thrown off the top bunk and everyone comes running in.  Lloyd confesses to Jimmy that he’s been sleeping with Ian and gets in a cab and takes off. 

Episode 304

Next week it looks like the city will be doing some work on the sewers, where Frank buried Aunt Dotty, so they have to try to dig her up and move her before her body is found. 

Really guys, there is never a boring moment with this show.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen next!