Shameless – The Sins of my Care Taker

So much happened on this episode I don’t even know where to begin!  The crazy Gallaghers are up to their normal antics and I couldn’t be more happy about that.  The city is coming to dig in the neighborhood because of the sewers, and Debs reminds everyone that Aunt Ginger is buried somewhere in the yard.  If she’s found not only will Frank go to federal prison for burying her body, but he has been cashing her social security checks for the past 14 years, so you know, he’ll get hit up for fraud too.  And Fiona and everyone else will probably be arrested for being accomplices.  Which means everyone has to get a shovel and dig up the back yard!


I feel bad for Fiona at work, everyone is giving her a hard time, putting thumb tacks in her cash drawer, locking her in the bathroom, trying to get her fired, all because she doesn’t take “Bobby Breaks.”  Apparently one of the other girls there had been training her cousin to control her gag reflex for months and the job was supposed to go to her.  So, now everyone hates Fiona and she can’t quit because they need the money.  On top of that she has Jimmy completely shutting down because of the situation between his dad and Ian.  He won’t shut up about all the times he didn’t realize that his dad was gay, and he’s having a hard time processing everything. Of course, Fiona isn’t being very sympathetic about it considering everything else that’s been going on with her and the rest of the clan, which inevitably led to him running back to Estafania at the end and hooking up with her.  Bad choice Jimmy, bad, bad choice. This is only going to cause way too much drama and trouble. 

Who I felt the worst for though is Debs.  She’s been training to go to the pool on opening day.  Trying to hold her breath as long as possible (made it 112 seconds!) and was so excited, and ends up getting terrorized by the popular girls.  When she tries to go and look cool by stealing Fiona’s bikini they pour ketchup all over the chair and make everything think she started her period while in a white bathing suit.  The poor girl was devastated.


Sheila has made Jody fall off the wagon and he is really going crazy with all of the bedroom fun.  All while they have a new hospice patient, a nun who has taken a vow of silence, who Sheila has now confessed everything to.  Only to find out that her vow of silence is only for her voice, but she’s been blogging about everything that’s been going on between her and Jody.  Because of this Sheila packs her stuff up and wheels her down to the church and just leaves her out front.

Mandy is getting crazy serious about Lip, and he just seems to be pushing her away.  Obviously this all has to do with Karen.  When he called and left her that voice mail my heart was breaking for him.  That poor guy is so messed up because of her.  I just hope he can get over it soon, he deserves way better than sitting and pining over it. 

Kevin and V are still trying to have a baby, but it’s not looking good.  Her doctor told her that there’s really only a 1% chance that she’ll be able to get pregnant.  After going over all of their options they decided to have her mom carry the baby for them, but they can’t afford any type of medical treatment, so they used a turkey baster with Kevin’s little swimmers in hopes that she could use that to impregnate herself. 


At the end Ian convinces Mickey and a couple of the Milkovich cousins to help him rob Lloyd’s house for himsince he’s locked out and can’t get any of his own things.  While they’re looting the place his wife comes downstairs with a shotgun and shoots Mickey right in the butt!  Of course they call Lloyd to meet them at the Gallagher house to take care of getting the bullet out and this is where everything basically falls apart. I knew something bad was going to happen, I just had a really bad feeling about it.  Remember when Frank called Child Protective Services on himself?  Well, this is the day that they decide they need to check out the house.  Fiona is outside digging and finally finds Aunt Ginger’s bones, Molly is dancing around in what looks like crazy hooker make up and a bikini (she finally realizes that she’s actually a boy and her mom had been lying to her because she wanted a girl), Lloyd is performing surgery on the kitchen counter to get the bullet out of Mickey, they are running a daycare all while this is going on and Debs runs in the house all excited because she almost drowned one of the popular girls at the pool.  All this is happening right in front of the lady from Child Protective Services (who just let herself into the house because no one heard the door.) 

Next week all the kids except Fiona are in foster care or in State homes and Fiona is trying to figure out a way to get them back, but it’s not looking too good for them. 

As always, this show never ceases to amaze me and even though I shouldn’t be surprised by anything that goes on, there’s at least one thing every week that shocks me.  I just wish I didn’t have to wait a week for the next episode!