Cascading Failures

What an episode folks!  All of the kids have been picked up by the Department of Child Services and Fiona is struggling trying to get the whole mess taken care of.  Lip and Ian are placed in a group home, Debbie is placed in a foster home with about 20 other kids that she now has to take care of and Carl and Liam are placed together in what seems to be an extremely loving home with gay foster parents who now want to adopt them.


Fiona is a mess trying to get them back and in the process loses her job, which really isn’t a bad thing because I hated her boss Bobby and his constant advances on everyone.  Jimmy finally came home (of course she has no idea he was off with Estafania) and he’s trying to help her get everything figured out with the kids.  She can’t track down Monica, but was able to track down Frank just before he was about to take off to Canada because he was afraid that Aunt Ginger’s bones in his back yard would send him to prison.

While Ian was at work Mickey invites him to stay over at his place while his dad is away for the weekend, which is really sweet of him to do.  They seem to have a great time together, until his dad comes home and catches them in the act.  He punched Ian in the face a few times and then just laid into Mickey.  I honestly thought that he was going to kill him.  I was horrified by this scene and just sat watching and gasping the entire time.  Then he calls a hooker over to set Mickey straight and sits there with them while they get it on and he forces Ian to watch.  Such a terrible situation and I felt so sorry for both of the boys.  I’m just happy he didn’t kill them both, the Milkovich’s are some scary people and you really never know what’s going to happen with them.


Kevin and V are still trying to have a baby by using V’s mom as a surrogate, but so far she has been unsuccessful in getting pregnant, which makes them try to do it the old fashioned way.  Kevin is having a hard time trying to get the job done with V’s mom, so that of course leads to what I think I can honestly say might be the most Shameless (haha) and uncomfortable thing I have ever seen on a tv show.  Because Kevin can’t perform, V gets involved and there is just a crazy fun loving moment of incest that no matter how hard you try, you can’t get out of your head. 

frank shameless cascading failures

I have to really hand it to Frank for actually stepping up and getting his crap together to get the kids back.  Of course, he’s still Frank so he’s far from perfect, but he is not complaining about getting clean and taking the parenting classes.  Though he did take his urine test just after taking a valium,  I was wondering how he was going to pass, but figured all that out once he showed us all how he was able to pull that off.  The only word I have for that one is GROSS!!!!

At the end Fiona stops back up at the Department of Child Services to talk to their case worker and she seems to be really trying to help her out with getting the kids back.  When she’s asking who reported them the lady informed her that it was anonymous, but left the link up so she could hear the phone call.  The look on her face when she realized it was Frank was insane!

Next week it looks like Fiona has finally taken the plunge and is suing Frank for full custody of the kids and trying to make him waive his parental rights completely.  This should be a good one.  She deserves those kids to legally be hers, she has raised them all since birth and all Frank does is collect his welfare checks.  Hopefully it all works out for them.