A Long Way from Home

This week’s episode of Shameless had me in tears.  Fiona is doing everything she can to make sure that she is able to get custody of the kids.  She has gone to great lengths to get this done, forged Monica’s signature to waive her parental rights, she’s fighting Frank to get him to sign his over to her, and has even gone so far as to bribe a guy at the morgue for a dead body of an old lady that she can say is Aunt Ginger, forge a will that leaves her the house, and file the will and death certificate.

Episode 307

Lip and Ian are helping her get everything together, while Debbie, Carl and Liam are all still in their foster homes.  Carl and Ian have it good with the gay couple, they are trying to teach them how to be better people, putting parental locks on the tv, hiring tutors, making them bathe (which Carl is severely against!) and just giving them a well rounded and loving environment to be in.  Debs on the other hand is stuck with Mama Camilla who is running a sweat shop out of her basement.  She has the girls making jewelry and is giving them tickets in order to get food and toilet paper.   Debbie is hungry and tired and just wants to get out of there.  She comes up with the idea to drug Mama Camilla with her friends benedryl so she’ll fall asleep and she can escape, and since Mama Camilla sees everything, Debs super glues her eyes shut!  Oh those Gallaghers, you gotta love them.  The best part is that Debbie is the sweet one!  She makes it home and is stuffing her face when Fiona, V, Lip and Ian catch her in the kitchen, her face covered in food and crying.  It was one of the saddest things I had ever seen. That was the point when Fiona knew that it didn’t matter what she had to do, she had to get the kids back.


Meanwhile, Jimmy keeps having to rush over to Estafania’s house because immigration is scheduled to come out any time to check on them.  I have to admit, as much as I love him, he was making me really angry through this whole episode.  Aside from him sleeping with Estafania, which is nothing new really, he is questioning his relationship with Fiona now that she’s decided to legally take responsibility for the kids.  He knew going into this relationship that they were her priority, and that she would be taking care of them for the rest of her life, so why is he questioning this now?  He was really irritating me.  However, he did manage to get her a lawyer pro-bono to help her with her case, so there’s that at least.

Hymie’s dad and Grandma show up at Shelia’s house to take him from her, and reluctantly, she hands him over. I felt bad for Sheila, but she was just doing what she thought was best for him.  This prompts Jody into crazy deviant behavior since he no longer has a baby to think about.  He calls some of his sex friends to come by and Sheila loses it!  Jody leaves to go to some weird sex party elsewhere and that’s when Frank convinces her to have an intervention for him, which really he’s doing this for his own good so that he can get Jody’s chips from sex addicts anonymous to prove to the courts that he has been sober.


At the court hearing Fiona wins the judge over, even though Frank gave a pretty convincing speech about loving his kids (though we all know it’s a load of crap.)  The judge takes Fiona in the back and tells her that he can allow her to have guardianship, but explains to her that she is now signing her life over to those kids, with no hopes to have a life of her own for at least the next 16 years.  Of course she agrees to it, the judge lets Frank keep his rights, but Fiona now has all the responsibility of being their parent and everyone gets to go home!

Back at Sheila’s house she comes downstairs to who she thinks is Frank only to find that Karen is back.  I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this, considering the fact that I HATE KAREN!!!  She did apologize to Sheila for everything she did to her, but for some reason I’m not buying it.  Look, I know the girl has been through a lot, but she was so terrible to everyone I’m not sure if she can be forgiven.   And I’m really curious to see how Mandy reacts to her being back, since we all know that Lip is still crazy in love with her.  

I guess we’ll find all of that out next week! Check out a preview for ‘Where there’s a Will’ below!