Where There’s a Will

It seems as though Peter Gallagher  has out Gallaghered everyone!  While Fiona busted her butt trying to get everything in order for Aunt Ginger’s fake will and death certificate, Peter Gallagher did the same thing and was able to file it just before she did, which of course gave him the house and the power.  He’s trying to run them out, and now they are trying to do everything they can to save their home.  They tried reasoning with him, begging, contesting the will, sending the Milkovich’s to threaten him (which did not go as planned) and poisoning him.  None of it helped to change his mind, until Debs finally saved the day by telling Tony, while he was at the house to evict them, that Patrick had molested her.  I love Debs so much!  I swear, she is turning out to be just as devious as the rest of the clan, but is so sweet that no one suspects her of it!  While Tony had Patrick in handcuffs, Fiona and Debs convinced him to let them rent the house for $500 a month for the next 50 years, or they would press charges and he would go to prison for a very long time.

While all of this craziness is going on Karen is trying to get her old life back.  By “innocently” letting Mandy know that she had stopped by to see Lip she caused a huge fight between the two of them, and Lip told Mandy that he never really wanted her there and told her to leave.  She and Sheila seem to be getting along just fine, going to support groups for kids with Down Syndrome and trying to rebuild their relationship until Sheila finds out from Mrs. Wong that Karen had gone to them and asked them to take Hymie from Sheila because she just wanted to go home and couldn’t as long as he was there.  I can’t even begin to explain how much I hate Karen.  She is a selfish liar who doesn’t care about anyone else’s feelings.  She is just a terrible terrible person and I really wish she would have stayed gone. 

Frank is living with some guy named Christopher that lied and said he was an alcoholic so that he could get his “sponser” to come live with him.  This guy is crazy creepy, but Frank doesn’t care because it’s free room and board, Christopher cooks for him and buys him his booze.  I don’t know if this guy is just a sad lonely man who craves companionship so bad that he’ll do anything to keep it, or a crazy serial killer.  I guess we’ll find out in time.

Kevin and V are still trying to get Carol pregnant, but Carol is starting to get a little too involved with Kevin.  She’s trying to spice it up, bringing candles and D’Angelo cd’s over, dressing nice and is really getting into the whole thing, which is really starting to make V wonder if this is the right decision.  Especially since Carol showed up a week early saying she was ovulating and V had it marked on the calendar for the following week.  V finally put an end to it when she realized Kevin and Carol were both getting a little too into it.  Can you imagine having your mom and your boyfriend hooking up right in front of you?  Could you even handle the thought that they were enjoying it, even though it was supposed to be straight forward, almost like a medical procedure?  I couldn’t.  I don’t think that I would ever want a baby that bad!  After V kicks Carol out we find out that she’s texting Kevin at 1:30am for a booty call.  I really hope he doesn’t start cheating on her with her mom.  This whole situation is weird!

I’d also like to point out that Jimmy is still making me mad.  In a sense I understand why he’s questioning his relationship with Fiona, and she is being a bit selfish right now with everything going on, but can you blame her?  It just looks like he’s about to leave her, or do something to really mess everything up between the two of them.  I don’t want to see that happen.  She loves him so much, and she trusts him.  I’d hate to see him screw it up, but you know he will.  There always has to be some kind of drama right?

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