Frank The Plumber

I have to say, this may have been the best episode this season.  So many things going on I honestly don’t even know where to begin.  I guess we can start with Frank, our new poster boy for Gay Rights! After realizing that his relationship with Christopher could qualify for a domestic partnership, you know, because Christopher cooks for him, cleans for him, buys him anything he wants, lets him live there for free, etc., Frank should be able to reap the benefits, literally.  After going down to apply and being turned down, Frank sees the opportunity to voice his frustrations at a press conference being held for the guy running for mayor.  There he makes this beautiful, heartfelt speech about freedom of rights and how he should be allowed to have the opportunity to get health benefits because of his domestic partnership.  After all is said and done, Frank accidentally becomes a hero to the gay community.

While all of this is going on Fiona is temping at some office job where she gets caught looking at an anti-circumcision website that V wanted her to check out, and has also been ratted out by the other employees for her mouth.  Though once the guy who ratted her out finds out that our beloved Gay Frank is her father, he quickly apologizes to her.  She ends up getting called in to the bosses office because of this, but doesn’t get in trouble.  The boss is young, good looking, and it seems like there may be a bit of a spark between them.  I actually really liked this guy, he was charming and seemed really sweet.  We all know that Jimmy is going to end up leaving to go back to med school, he’s having a complete mental breakdown.  Just like Beto said, you can go from being poor to having a silver spoon, but you can’t go from having a silver spoon to being poor.  This lifestyle just isn’t for him, having to work a $10/hour job, helping to raise 5 kids while living on the bad side of town.  You can see in his eyes that he wants out, but he loves Fiona and the kids. 

Sheila is depressed because of what Karen did to her, and Debs ends up skipping school to stay and take care of her.  I love the two of them together, Sheila is such a sweet and loving lady, though she may have her issues with OCD and depression, she tries and all she wants is to make everyone happy.  They had a long and honest talk about why Debbie has a hard time at school, and why Karen is a terrible person.  Ultimately, Debbie helped Sheila feel better about herself and convinced her to go talk to Karen.

Ian found out that Mickey apparently got some girl pregnant and is getting married in a few weeks, which he is not happy about.  He finds him at the abandoned building he hangs out at to confront him on it and Mickey basically ignores him.  After Ian finally tells him to admit that he’s gay and that he loves him, Mickey just starts hitting him, but there’s a moment where he starts kind of crying.  That poor kid can’t admit it to himself, and if his dad found out he would be dead, literally.   Basically Mickey leaves after kicking Ian in the jaw and Ian goes home to cry himself to sleep.

This all brings us to the big story of the night.  Lip and Mandy.  Mandy sent in a bunch of college applications without Lip knowing and the guy from MIT showed up at the house for a meeting.  After talking to him for a while,Lip seems to have a different view on college (hopefully) and on Mandy.  He goes to Karen’s to tell her that they can’t see each other anymore because he’s with Mandy and she’s good for him.  Of course Karen calls Mandy to tell her that she’s hoping to get pregnant with Lip’s baby so that she can keep him around forever and make him do whatever she wants.  This makes Mandy angry, not normal angry, but Milkovich angry.  She texts Karen from Lip’s phone saying “meet me at the park,” and when Karen is walking to meet him Mandy hits her with her car going full speed and takes off!  Now Karen is hanging on by a thread and Mandy is cleaning off her car like it’s no big deal.  To be completely honest, and I know this sounds terrible, but I hope she doesn’t make it.  I know that if she does, Lip will stay to take care of her, he won’t leave her side, any chance he would have to get out of there he will throw out the window.

Next week it looks like Lip finds out that Mandy texted Karen from his phone, Frank is getting propositioned to be the national poster boy for Gay Rights, and for anti-gay rights as well. 

Till next time Towelites!