Color me intrigued! Being a big fan of both Robin Hood and Westerns, I was very interested when 12 Gauge Comics offered DFAT the opportunity to take a look at the first issue of their upcoming comic Sherwood, Texas. I know I said Western, but the story does take place in the present day, but really how can a story that revolves around opposing gangs and Texas not be considered in that genre. Think more Sons of Anarchy if that helps. To give you an idea of the setting, here’s the map from the comic:

Sherwood Texas map

Right away we are introduced to familiar characters, that if you’ve had any experience with the classic tale, you will recognize right away. The main character is Rob Hood, a Navy man who has returned to his home town to bury his father, Richard (King Richard). At the funeral you meet Will (Will Scarlett), Rob’s half-brother along with Padre Tuck (Friar Tuck). Will is a part of a biker gang called the Jesters, later in the comic we meet Little John, who owns a biker bar called LJ’s. I love the tribute to the classic bo-staff fight between Little John and Rob. This one involves a pool cue, and Rob getting thrown through a window! Rob’s girlfriend Maria (Maid Marian) is the daughter of the Sheriff (of Nottingham), he doesn’t seem like a bad guy as of yet, but from what I’ve read he is a shady character. The biggest changes here seem to be that Rob’s Merry Men are Mexicans, which is a really nice touch considering the setting of the story.

The villains of the story are a gang called the Nobles. It consists of Prince (Prince John), Guy (Guy of Gisborne), and their lackeys. They show up to the funeral and cause trouble, but the Sheriff puts an end to it. But we know there’s more problems to come for our hero later on. The first issue ends with a pretty exciting cliffhanger, just enough to make you want to read the next issue. Just like any good comic should.

The element of “rob from the rich, and give to the poor” is not present in this first issue and I wonder if it will become part of the story later on in the series. The art is pretty solid, with bright color and good character designs. It reminds me a lot of Cliff Chiang’s style, one of my favorites in the industry. Look for the first issue (of five) to hit stands on July 16th, with the second due out in August. The comic was originally featured during this years Free Comic Book Day.

I don’t want to spoil too much of the story for you. So if you’re a fan of the Robin Hood mythos, Sons of Anarchy, westerns, all of that good stuff, then I recommend you give this one a shot!
Sherwood Tx comic cover

[box_light](W) Shane Berryhill & Various (A) Daniel Hillyard, Toby Cypress (CA) Andrew Robinson
A story older than all of us, told now for the first time… After the same biker gang who murdered his father leaves ROB HOOD for dead, he returns to seek revenge on an epic, blood-soaked scale. Combining the biker gang epic with Spaghetti Western sensibilities, SHERWOOD, TX retells the legend of Robin Hood as a modern day, noir-action opus. Hood is joined on his quest by Padre Elvin Tuck, Will Scarlet, and Little John, as they take on the crooked Sheriff of Nottingham, TX and his partners in crime, The Nobles biker gang and their leader John Prince.[/box_light]

Covers to issues #2 and #3

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