It’s been a year since the Nobles shot up Rob Hood and left him for dead, but what kind of Robin Hood story would this be if he didn’t come back for revenge!

I had the chance to read Sherwood, Tx #2, courtesy of 12 Gauge Comics, and once again they have me hooked and waiting for issue #3! SherwoodTX2_04If you remember back to my review of issue #1, there were some things that felt were lacking from the story, from the original tale, that I felt needed to be there for it to be a true Robin Hood epic. Which of course they remedied with issue #2! Don’t worry fans, the classic “rob from the rich and give to the poor” is there and it’s done in a very modern and original way.
Robin has been honing his archery skills in Sherwood Forest for the past year, Will Scarlet has been nursing him back to health and keeping him safe. Of course Maria is there taking care of her man as well. She has been keeping Rob, who now goes by the name of Loxley, appraised of the Nobles. Padre Tuck as well keeps an eye on the street for our hero. But there is a terrible thing happening to the good people of Texas, I won’t spoil it for you since it’s a major plot device. Rob Hood has to head into town to set some things right, just in time for Nottingham’s Bike Week! Get ready for a modern jousting match!

I love the way that each classic scenario is re-imagined into this modern telling, hats off to writer Shane Berryhill! If you are into Sons of Anarchy, Robin Hood, Westerns, any of that good stuff, then I highly recommend that you check out this title. I really like the art in this series, Daniel Hillyard does an excellent job of drawing action scenes, my favorite being the jousting scene in this issue. Charlie Kirchoff has a great talent with coloring, as each panel really pops, while also giving the comic a “washed” western feel as well! All around, there’s some great talent working on this book.

Check out the trailer for the series!

Sherwood, Texas : Trailer featuring ‘Answer to No One’ by Colt Ford from M2 on Vimeo.


Sherwood, Tx #1 and #2 are available NOW! You can pre-order the next few issues at our favorite online retailer or by visiting your local comic shop!