It’s time to return to Sherwood, TX and join the adventures of Rob Hood and his merry men as they take on the evil biker gang known as the Nobles! This awesome comic’s third issue will hit stores this Wednesday (TOMORROW!) and we have some preview pages to share with you courtesy of 12 Gauge Comics! Check them out below!


Sherwood TX 3 01

SHERWOOD, TX #3 (of 5), Written By: Shane Berryhill, Artist: Daniel Hillyard

Colors: Charlie Kirchoff, Covers A and B: Andrew Robinson

Price: $3.99, 24 pages


It’s time to go on the offensive! Rob Hood and the Jesters hatch a plan to rob John Prince and free the kidnapped Mexican girls he and the Nobles have forced into their sex-slave business. Meanwhile, Maria puts her life on the line for Hood, doing everything she can to bring justice to the men who murdered his father.

Sherwood TX 3 02

Sherwood TX 3 03

Sherwood TX 3 04 Sherwood TX 3 05 Sherwood TX 3 06

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