The hunt has begun for the missing women that the Nobles have been kidnapping for their Bike Week “sex parties”. Previously Rob and his merry gang, the Jesters, weren’t exactly sure why the women were disappearing, but thanks to a little insight from Padre Tuck they learn how terrible the stakes are and it’s time to take on the bad guys.

It’s pretty cleaver actually how they go about doing it, the plan is to turn the Nobles against each other and get Gisburn out of the way for their heist. Thanks to their inside man, Rob devises a way to mess with the trust between Prince and Gisburn. Maria plays a big role in this issue as she goes undercover to take Gisburn out of the equation. She tries to put rufies into his beer, but he drops it! Just when you think things are going to go sour, the drunkard passes out anyway! Thank goodness for Maria who was about to go medieval on his butt!

There is one sequence in this issue that I absolutely love! Rob and his men go to rescue the victims wearing masks very reminiscent to the classic Disney Robin Hood cartoon! Robin is even wearing the fox mask! I’m not sure this was intentional, but if it was, well played Shane Berryhill! The final act of the issue is an exciting chase scene where our heroes barely escape! Good triumphs this time and the Jesters are deliver the girls to safety, a shelter called Liberty Place.

Victory is almost too sweet, but then we are left with a major cliffhanger! During the chase Will was shot and he collapses in Padre Tuck’s arms during the final panels! Toon in Wednesday, November 5th to find out what happens, when issue #4 hits stands!

Sherwood, Tx has been very strong from the get-go, and each issue ends with a great cliffhanger. Writer, Shane Berryhill continues to craft a great story for the modern age, while still delivering the classic elements from the tale of Robin Hood. If you haven’t been reading this all along, it’s never too late! I would also suggest grabbing the collect volume when the story is over!

Sherwood TX 3 01