“Shiness” by Ynnis Interactive – Successfully Funded!

Shiness is an RPG game being developed by the team at Enigami and published by Ynnis Interactive. This game has recently succeeded in its’ crowd funding efforts by raising $139,865 of its’ $100,000 goal. With the extra money, Enigami has confirmed that Shiness will not only be coming to PC and Mac, but also to the PS4 and XB1. This is excellent new because based on the feel of the game it certainly looks like this game will be better suited for a controller as compared to a mouse and keyboard.


What is unique about this game is that it is combining a standard JRPG in the world building as well as the story but the fighting system looks like something out a standard fighting game. The battle style looks similar to some of the Naruto fighting games that have come out over the past few years.

Also unique is the language they used for the game. They created their own unique language as well as specific dialects for each of the species. Rest assured, their will be subtitles for the game in several languages. They have been giving backers a more detailed look into how they built the language and I think this only helps to create the unique world these characters live in.

I’m excited for the beta once it comes out and I will certainly have more information on this game once I get my hands on it. If you want to check out more about this game you can view the Kickstarter website here.

~Last Ursa