News today via Collider, it was reported earlier that Marvel Studios and Fox MAY have been considering sharing a certain World Devouring Cosmic Entity by the name of Galactus. The deal would have extended Fox’s rights to Marvel superhero Daredevil, because apparently Fox has until October 10th to put the movie into production or give the rights back to Marvel Studios. Fox’s last outing with the character, actually if I may bring up, BOTH characters were far from perfect. While I enjoyed Daredevil to a certain extent, it does not match up to what is being offered in the genre today. I would love a Marvel Studios production of Daredevil, a true gritty character in his own, it would actually hold up with Hollywood’s dark lean towards superheros lately. But alas it seems that plans for something like this is only rumor and VERY far from coming to fruition.

This in my opinion is unfortunate. I understand that no one in Hollywood works together, but the point of making a movie for most execs is to make money right? RIGHT? It would make sense that if studios other than Marvel itself treated source material and characters correctly fans would be happier, buy more tickets and not bitch as much. Well nerds always find something to bitch about, but anywho COLLABORATION=MORE MONEY!!! I remember awhile ago the idea of using the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in an Avengers film came up and how it would relate to them being mutants and Magneto’s children. There was a huge run around saying , “well you could have the character,s but you couldn’t say they were mutants”. “You also can’t use Magneto’s name.” Only because these two terms “BELONG” to Fox. The Fantastic Four can’t show up to aid the Avengers because they are owned by Fox. BLAH BLAH BLAH. You would think that after the success of Marvel’s Phase One, and the epic money-maker that was Avengers that studios would consider this idea, but what we really get is a sad interpretation and a Galactus who is hinted at but  doesn’t even really show up (Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer). Fans want crossovers, and team-ups, and more villains!!! That’s the fun of comics, WHAT VILLAIN IS GOING TO SHOW THIS TIME! Hollywood, can’t seem to come up with original ideas these days anyhow, so they should reconsider this plan, and take some heroic actions.