Waking up on the beautiful 4th of July?  Need something to listen to on your day off?  Sia‘s new album 1000 Forms of Fear is due to be released on July 8th, but thanks to iTunes First>Play, you get to stream it now; and let me tell you, it is very worth it.

If you’re not that familiar with Sia, you may have heard a couple of her bigger songs, like Breathe Me and her latest and greatest, Chandelier.  The beautiful and adorable Australian singer has been around for a while, and though her career started off slow, with her debut album OnlySee and follow up Healing is Difficult, HBO gave her the boost she needed when they used her amazing song Breathe Me for the series finale of Six Feet Under.  After that she pretty much exploded, moving from her mostly sad and emotional songs of her at the time current album Colour The Small One (2004) to her more upbeat songs of her latest album We Are Born (2010); but we haven’t heard too much of her since.  Sia moved into producing, giving us songs like David Guetta’s Titanium.  So, after all these years, its great to have her own album again, and it’s absolutely amazing.

1000 Forms of Fear-Sia

A mixture of slower emotional songs, and happier upbeat songs, the album provides a great variety of tracks.  And her amazing voice seems as haunting and powerful as ever.  The music feels unique and engulfing, and like her previous work, also carries a sense of childhood playfulness to it. In its entirety, this is a type of album you can have on repeat, listening to over and over again!

So, spend your holiday weekend listening to some amazing new music!  For quick reference, check out the two songs below, a live performance of Breathe Me, , and the music video of Chandelier, from this latest album.


Breathe Me (Live):

Chandelier (music video):